We empower non-technical founders to quickly bring their SaaS product to market, iterate to market fit, and scale.

The Non-Technical Founder Problem

A startup wants to build their SaaS product, but how?



Partner with a Technical Founder?

  • Hard to find a good fit
  • Dilute equity


Pay a custom dev shop?

  • High cost and risk
  • Hard to manage

Both options have a high risk of failure.

But what if a startup had a low risk alternative to build their SaaS product and socialize with early adopters after the first 4-weeks?

We can show how.


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How Are We Different?

We have redefined the DevOps process, eliminating most UX mock-ups, architecture, design, coding, and testing.

This empowers a team of 2-3 FTEsto achieve the work of 20.

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Secure, Robust, Scalable to millions of users

With trellispark, anyone can configure a SaaS user experience with:

  • Any information model
  • Any security model
  • Any record lifecycle
  • On any device (web, mobile, desktop)
  • …And a LOT more

Achieve product-market fit faster

Coupled with their deep application security experience and trellispark’s powerful features, we implemented an innovative healthcare MVP solution in 4-weeks and far less cost than any alternative. We have been able to rapidly evolve our product and attract new customers.


Chris Geisler, Founder + CEO

Fluid Scientific Ltd.

Meet greatideaz co-founders, Rob Halasz & Tony Nicholls
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