Prototype a real business app

A functional, custom business application in under 4-weeks

Modernizing .NET Framework applications

Learn how to adopt the latest Microsoft user experience technologies

Stop wasting effort documenting, coding, and testing application functionality. Start configuring your requirements to instantly create a functional application

From requirements configuration to done!
trellispark is the most advanced requirements virtualization platform ever created

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Give the business what they want, faster

  • Use trellispark to instantly configure beautiful, responsive user experiences with over 50 pre-built components (and growing)
  • Publish consistent user experiences simultaneously across web, desktop, and native iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Add custom CSS and styling anywhere, create your own custom themes and branding
  • Configure any custom data model and change it anytime, instantly, without modifying code
  • Configure workflow, state transitions, user roles, conditional filters, wizards, and much more 

Why virtualize your requirements?

Eliminate 90%+ of the code from your forms-based business applications and permanently eliminate most sources of technical debt. This increases:

  • Productivity of your developers and other IT staff
  • Quality of your business applications
  • Efficiency of your QA team
configure a user experience without code

Configuration is better than code

Enabling business users to directly configure the desired user experience and instantly interact with the functionality (no UX design mock-ups required!) makes it easier and faster to:

  • Implement new requirements
  • Introduce new features
  • Integrate new technologies, such as AI/ML

Simplify your enterprise architecture

As your forms-based applications need to be modernized, virtualize the business functionality instead

  • Break the dependency on application technology and break the cycle of rewriting business functionality every time technology advances
  • Protect your data from ransomware by hardening and reducing points of access
  • Eliminate fragmentation of your data to improve the quality of process automation, analytics, and AI / ML
enterprise architecture topology


Since 2010, Great Ideaz has been trusted by both big and small organizations to deliver successful solutions

Great Ideaz implemented our solution within the original budget and timelines and the entire project has been a tremendous success. We continue to have an excellent working relationship with the Great Ideaz team and I highly recommend them!

Arlen Bolan, P. Eng.
Director, Engineering and Capital Planning
Terrapure Environmental I National Corporate Office

Great Ideaz has been a valued partner of TELUS Communications and now TELUS International for more than 10 years. The team at Great Ideaz have always delivered fantastic value to our customers with their products and services. Customer feedback has been consistently outstanding!

Paul Fontaine, Manager
Digital Solutions North America
TELUS International

If you're hard coding the user experience in your applications, how quickly will you be able to adopt AI or other new technologies across your business?


Whether you have an internal implementation team or need a turnkey solution, we would be thrilled to showcase what can be achieved with trellispark!

Contact us and request a scheduled meeting to describe your business need. We will work with you to define an initial iteration of your unique business application!   

At no cost to you, we will configure the initial iteration of your business application in trellispark and present it back to you. We may require additional information from you to complete this step.

If you like what we did in trellispark, then we will provide knowledge transfer to your internal team to take over, or you can subscribe to our services to complete your solution!

Have Questions?

Our team members have consulted hundreds of businesses both large and small. If you have any questions or simply want to talk with us about your business needs, please contact us and we will be delighted to listen and suggest how we can best help.