A revolutionary platform for building custom applications across all platforms

Modernizing .NET Framework applications

Learn how to adopt the latest Microsoft user experience technologies

Eliminate the need for custom pages

Build user experiences at runtime by combining configuration data with the awesome capabilities of Blazor and MAUI

What is trellispark?

  • A sustainable platform for building custom business applications based on Data Agnostic Services 
  • Showcases the latest Microsoft .NET enterprise class architecture and design patterns with a comprehensive set of licensed core components 
  • Build highly responsive user experiences using the latest WebAssembly (WASM) technology
  • Eliminates 90%+ of the code required to create a custom developed business application
Example grid modification

Makes it easy to:

  • Bring new solutions to market faster 
  • Modernize your .NET Web Forms to .NET Blazor!
  • Replace legacy applications 
  • Reduce exposure to security threats such as ransomware 
  • Consolidate data for reporting, BI and AI 
  • Integrate hybrid cloud services and emerging technology 
  • Minimize total cost of ownership 


For over 12 years, Great Ideaz has been trusted by both big and small organizations to deliver successful solutions

Is trellispark right for you?

Excited team

Your Business Model is Unique

  • Can’t find an “off-the-shelf” solution that meets your unique requirements
  • Struggling to work with a “common data model” solution that was never tailormade for your business
  • Want to empower your team to build exactly what you need and drive down your implementation risks
Team brainstorming session

Your business is Changing

  • Need flexibility to meet rapidly changing business needs
  • Want to optimize the user experience in real-time with business users
  • Need a solution that’s easy and fast to adapt
  • Can quickly automate your workflows
  • Want a solution with a low total cost of ownership
Businessman checking watch

Want Control of your future

  • Host your solution where you want 
  • Upgrade your solution when you want 
  • Easily adopt new technologies to secure business advantage 
  • Easily ramp up your own internal team with free trellispark academy training materials 

Great Ideaz implemented our solution within the original budget and timelines and the entire project has been a tremendous success. We continue to have an excellent working relationship with the Great Ideaz team and I highly recommend them!

Arlen Bolan, P. Eng.
Director, Engineering and Capital Planning
Terrapure Environmental I National Corporate Office

Great Ideaz has been a valued partner of TELUS Communications and now TELUS International for more than 10 years. The team at Great Ideaz have always delivered fantastic value to our customers with their products and services. Customer feedback has been consistently outstanding!

Paul Fontaine, Manager
Digital Solutions North America
TELUS International

Ready to Get Started?

Advantages of trellispark

Eliminates 90%+ of the effort, risk, and time required to build a solution

Small infrastructure footprint to minimize operational costs

Easy to modify production systems to reduce overall total cost of ownership

Free to get started and simple tiered pricing model

Learn how to build complex, custom applications in less than a day

Use mainstream technology to access a deep pool of resources

Create a responsive custom solution with little experience required

Build your own unique solution without engaging external consultants

Continuously innovate to support latest technologies (for example: Microsoft .NET 6, Blazor/MAUI)

Easy to swap out or add application custom components without jeopardizing production

Amazing flexibility to change and adapt your data model and user experience as your business evolves

Robust performance and scalable architecture to meet future growth

Fully customize the client side user experience and add your own field types

Use mainstream Microsoft Visual Studio IDE to easily develop and debug custom components

Directly modify the database using MS SQL Management Studio

Update server side functionality using the latest technologies