Prototype a real app

Prototyping a real business application with custom forms and fields and a unique data model doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Let us guide you through our rapid process from start to finish in under 4-weeks

 CA$9,500 + applicable taxes
all-in, no hidden costs


We guarantee that at the end of the process, you will have a functioning application that you can login and use. It will be a real application, not a pretend mock-up of the user experience!


All prototypes include a greatideaz managed trellispark developer environment in our SaaS MS Azure Cloud with up to 50 Active Users for 6-months


We will facilitate discovery workshops with your subject matter experts to explore the desired prototype functionality and iterate the configuration in trellispark


At the end of the process, we can provide knowledge transfer to your team to be able to deploy your prototype as an initial solution


The creation process is designed to be extremely flexible. Constraints to the prototype scope will be well defined in our summary proposal to you, so that we achieve your desired outcome

Contact us to schedule a free discovery workshop to explore the scope of your desired custom prototype. This is a free workshop, no strings attached   

We will provide a detailed summary proposal that defines the scope of the prototype solution

If you approve the proposal, then we will get started immediately! Our goal is to complete the prototype in under 4-weeks

What to expect in the initial discovery workshop

A consulting experience to define success

  • The initial discovery workshop will be approximately 2 – 3 hours in length and be facilitated by senior strategic consultants
  • Outline and review any available artifacts that help define the scope of the prototype
  • Understand the purpose of the prototype and objectives
  • Identify who will be involved in the prototyping process
  • Define the scope of deliverables that will be included in the prototype

We tailor the scope to maximize your value

The scope of the prototype may include a combination of the following:

  • Custom configured Form Definitions and data model + any combination of existing trellispark functionality templates
  • Custom configured record state transitions and conditional filters
  • Configured primary user roles and access controls
  • Custom workflow automation
  • General user experience branding, such as a company logo, colors, and preferred fonts  
  • User Authentication using Microsoft Azure B2C, B2B, or standalone
  • Sample reports, MS Power BI dashboards, or other summary views
  • Import of your existing data to populate the prototype (if applicable)
  • The user experience can be rendered on web, native Android or iOS mobile app, or MS Windows desktop
  • Our goal is to complete the prototype in under 4 weeks after receiving approval to proceed. This timeline is dependent on how quickly we can schedule the required discovery workshops with your subject matter experts and turn around any requested information or feedback during the process

A real, functioning application

The trellispark platform enables us to achieve a fully functional application that is customized to your unique requirements

  • Users can login and interact with fully usable functionality
  • Usable functionality increases the understanding of how the application works and drives out validation rules, security constraints, workflow, and how a record changes over the lifecycle of the process
  • Receive a high quality application that could be deployed as an initial production version