Introducing trellispark Release 8!

by | Jan 15, 2024 | Blog, News

Our latest major release of trellispark continues our relentless pursuit to cut down the time and effort to deliver well crafted custom application solutions to production. Launch your MVP in weeks, not months. Replace existing business apps with a tailormade solution at one-tenth the effort and delivery time!

trellispark empowers non-developers to configure a forms-based custom business application user experience in real-time. Over 90% of the code normally required for the user experience and CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) is replaced with configuration data using trellispark. Without knowing how to create JavaScript or other coding, configure unique user roles and security requirements, record lifecycle transitions, optimized user flows, customer and supplier portals, generative AI capabilities, and much more.

By eliminating over 90% of the code, your effort and costs are substantially reduced and your time to value 🚀🚀🚀!

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Major Features

Mult-Factor Authentication Options for Stand Alone:

  • Add ability to select whether MFA is optional or required at the website level.
  • MFA can send authentication code either via email or SMS
  • User can maintain their own lists of MFA targets

More UX Creator configuration enhancements:

  • Ability to configure the return point of a wizard or command after completion – can elect to return to parent, application, or somewhere in the wizard hierarchy
  • Ability to use Target Information to select data or invoke action from third party APIs
  • Additional security on returned datasets to limit the returned data to just those columns required by the UX
  • Updated the Blazor components when used on phones to minimize the control surface for the smaller display size

Other major enhancements include:

  • Styling of the default theme and removal of all static style definitions so they can be set in the theme’s app.css
  • All styling is now fully configurable by URL reference (nothing contained in the projects)
  • Much more flexibility to configure and style landing pages before entering the application
  • The number of columns in a form/tab is now configurable (default remains as 12)
  • Updated to MS .NET 8 and Telerik 4.5.x
  • GUID fields automatically adjust GUID based on the TEXT value of the field – useful for data migration and integration
  • Upload File control can now compress and encrypt files on the client
  • Introduction of Conditional Filters feature to centralize administration of conditions and permissions to Forms, Tabs, and Fields
  • Move InstanceLocking into its own table
  • Move InstanceUpdates into it own table

Minor Features

Added new capabilities:

  • Can suppress the title on modal popup forms
  • Remove static headers on landing and workspace pages
  • Configure the position of the Learn More button
  • Childlist columns can now use CSS styling
  • Configure the “No Item Selected” text for GUIDs
  • Configure which Address component fields should be displayed and added a few more optional fields
  • Configure a completion notification for wizards
  • Inject additional information into tab labels
  • Using target information to inject default values into date/time fields
  • Use validator to change the formatting of the validated fields
  • Configure generic command for Previous Versions, Recover Instance, Milestones, Incomplete Wizards and Feedback on the form definition
  • Time specific fields now adjust to the time zone of the user – the underlying data is stored in UTC
  • Suppress the display of command options on cards until they are requested by the user

Even more configuration options of the following existing user controls and other features:

  • Upload file control configuration and styling options enhanced
  • Added ability to drag and drop files onto the Upload File control
  • Form title can now be configured and suppressed
  • Consolidate ReadOnly fields into a single ReadOnly Content field type
  • Childlists, Charts, Gauges can now auto refresh
  • Numeric fields can also specify a list of units
  • Can configure the list of files types accepted by an Upload File control
  • Prevent Learn More icon from pushing content down

Bug Fixes

  • Reduced unnecessary notifications received from Avatar.
  • Fixed issue with GUID TSQL fields
  • Newly created events were being incorrectly suppressed
  • Fixed issue with childlist Export to Excel
  • Issue with catching ValueChanged events on some controls – needed to convert to OnBlur/OnChange
  • Fixed issue where you could still change the value of a read-only drop down list

The greatideaz difference

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