Embrace Relentless Innovation to build your value

by | Jan 10, 2022 | Dev Team

I started working as an IT professional in 1985 and the most important thing I have learned is the value of embracing relentless innovation.

The rate at which we have advanced our technology, architecture, processes and tooling has been fantastic. I remember being given a small one hole punch when I started my first job so that I could re-punch holes in the sticky tape used to splice together broken paper tape spools. In 2021, I have mastered .NET 6 Blazor/WASM and in 2022 I’m looking forward to building cross platform MAUI hybrid Blazor applications.

Over my career I have seen many IT professionals get stuck in a rut, using the familiar and not reaching out to embrace the new. They might support the same application for decades and then wonder why their skills have “no value” when that application is retired.

The IT industry is uniquely positioned in its rate of change across all disciplines – a rate of change that only seems to keep accelerating.

I was fortunate to come across people caught in the rut and being displaced early in my career. I learned that to thrive I would need to constantly push the barriers of my own knowledge and experience. After four decades of relentless innovation, I am a highly skilled architect, consultant, and mentor. And I’m still pushing the boundaries of modern architecture and software development using .NET 6 Blazor/WASM using trellispark.