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A New Revolution

trellispark integrates the latest technology with a groundbreaking new architecture that will revolutionize the way you code.

Application Platform

trellispark is a mature platform
for building applications
on Microsoft .NET 6

  • Secure – Layered and overlapping security by design to significantly reduce your vulnerability to ransomware attacks and other common hacks
  • Efficient – Eliminates the need for 90%+ of the common application code used for Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) functionality
  • Focus – More time available to use cool technology to develop functionality that excites business users 
  • Showcase – Latest available technology and approaches to application development 
  • Open Platform – Allows you to extend your solution with custom workflow in multiple ways, including TSQL in the database, REST APIs, Windows Services, Serverless Compute, and other cloud services 

Total Control

Create and modify your solution the way you want

Table grid settings example
  • User presentation – Source code and database available to download and customize
    –  trellispark core component packages are available from NuGet 
  • Interchangeable – Easily swap out components without breaking existing functionality as new technology becomes available
  • Sustainable – Minimize the learning curve to develop new skills and improve productivity


Built-in scalability for best-in-class performance

  • Easy to deploy – No need for external consultants to get you started
  • Manage Updates – You determine how and when you want to deploy component updates
  • Scalable – Both vertically and horizontally to support any workload volume 
  • Performance – Highly responsive user experience with minimal infrastructure requirements
  • Hybrid – Flexible deployment across cloud and on-premise utilizing the best of all worlds to create highly available solutions
  • Robust – Separation of concerns makes it easy to isolate, fix, and recover from errors

Community Support & Training

Everything you need to help you build your custom solution

Customer selection view
  • Training – Learn about trellispark in our online academy 
  • Support – Submit tickets for technical support, provide product feedback and request new features
  • Fusion IT – Work effectively with citizen and non-professional developers 

Future Proof

Developer community-driven, relentlessly innovating

  • Product Roadmap – Developer community-driven focus on integrating new technologies into common components. We never stop innovating! 
  • Migration – trellispark’s data agnostic record storage makes it easy to migrate existing data
  • Pricing – Free for up to 10 users, tiered licenses available for larger deployments 


Great Ideaz provides the platform you need to rapidly jumpstart a new project.

Download and install the trellispark components on your infrastructure

Use the existing Server Owner workspace to customize your data model and UX

Create your own workspace to manage your organization’s data