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Build web and mobile applications with the latest Microsoft .NET Blazor and MAUI
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Eliminate the need to write CRUD code by rendering a responsive user experience at runtime


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Total Control

Customize the user experience and workflow to meet your precise business needs

  • Open Platform – Extend your user experience with custom workflow in multiple ways, including TSQL in the database, REST APIs, Windows Services, Serverless Compute, and other cloud services 
  • Interchangeable – Easily swap out components without breaking existing functionality as new technology becomes available
  • Easy to Adopt – Minimize the learning curve to adopt the latest Microsoft technology 
  • User experience – Source code available to customize with an enterprise license subscription

Complete Application Platform

A comprehensive solution
for building both web and mobile applications
using the latest Microsoft .NET Blazor and MAUI

  • Blazor Advantage – User interface can be embedded in any type of application including web, desktop, and mobile devices.
  • Client Rendering – User Experience is rendered on the client device taking full advantage of the device’s resources and capabilities
  • Backend APIs – Secure access to data and other resources, passing minimal information to any client device
  • Blazor Components – 50+ configurable components available to render user experience at runtime on the client’s device 
  • Common Integrations – Including cloud messaging, storage, security, reporting and analytics
  • Efficient – Makes best use of all available infrastructure resources (clients and server)
  • Migration – trellispark’s data agnostic record storage makes it easy to migrate existing data 


Built-in scalability for best-in-class performance

  • Easy to deploy – No need for external consultants to get you started
  • Manage Updates – You determine how and when you want to deploy component updates
  • Scalable – Both vertically and horizontally to support any workload volume 
  • Performance – Highly responsive user experience with minimal infrastructure requirements
  • Hybrid – Flexible deployment across cloud and on-premise utilizing the best of all worlds to create highly available solutions
  • Robust – Separation of concerns makes it easy to isolate, fix, and recover from errors

Community Support & Training

Everything you need to help you build your custom solution

  • Training – Free 3-hour live orientation training session, learn about trellispark in our free online academy with videos and technical reference documentation, subscribe to additional direct assistance from our experienced team 
  • Support – Submit tickets for technical support, provide product feedback and request new features
  • Product Roadmap – Developer community-driven focus on integrating new technologies into common components. Make requests for new components that we can add to our product roadmap to build. We never stop innovating!