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Deliver value faster

Kickstart your project and accelerate delivery

  • trellispark is a mature platform that provides everything your team needs to start creating production user-experience on day one 
  • Quickly deploy a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and then extend it using loosely-coupled custom components with few dependencies, to minimize project schedule attrition and maximize business value 
  • Easy to customize the user experience in real-time with business stakeholders to help your project meet business requirements
  • Focus your team on building the workflow that differentiates your business 
  • Provide a platform for Fusion IT to engage citizen developers

Eliminate development effort and risks

Dramatically reduce business analysis, custom coding, and testing effort
  • trellispark platform isolates bugs which makes it easy to triage and resolve issues 
  • Significantly reduces the amount of code that your team will have to create and test, reducing time to market, project costs, and risks 
  • Simplifies data migration from existing applications 
  • Simplifies the agile management and DevOps processes 
  • Secure, modern application platform that minimizes the risk of ransomware and other hacks 
  • Uses common languages and technologies to make it easy to recruit and onboard new developers

Reduce your project costs

Achieve more features and business value faster with lower implementation and operating costs
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is low because trellispark only requires minimal infrastructure to provide a highly responsive user experience 
  • Extensive support materials are available for free on trellispark academy to accelerate learning and eliminate the need for external consultants
  • Submit tickets for technical support, provide product feedback and request new features 
  • Free for up to 10 users, tiered licenses available for larger deployments with predictable costs