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Implement a sophisticated, tailormade workflow solution for your business at a fraction of the time and cost of a large, traditional ERP system

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Whether you have an internal implementation team or need a turnkey solution, we would be thrilled to showcase what can be achieved with trellispark!

Contact us and request a scheduled meeting to describe your business need. We will work with you to define an initial iteration of your unique business application!   

At no cost to you, we will configure the initial iteration of your business application in trellispark and present it back to you. We may require additional information from you to complete this step.

If you like what we did in trellispark, then we will provide knowledge transfer to your internal team to take over, or you can subscribe to our services to complete your solution!

Your team, your control

trellispark gives your team tremendous flexibility and control

  • Complete control and access to your data. Integrate with other SaaS platforms, internal applications, and cloud services.
  • You can create and integrate your own components building on the trellispark core 
  • User presentation source code and database available to customize with your enterprise license subscription
  • Latest trellispark core component packages always available to download for free 
  • Flexible deployment across cloud or on-premises
  • Vendor independence – any .NET development team can quickly adopt trellispark 
  • A sustainable architecture, where any component can be easily replaced or upgraded

Streamline your custom business apps

Reduce operational costs/risks by providing a common platform and standards

  • Simplify your organizational data model and easily migrate data from: 
    • Legacy systems 
    • Systems introduced by mergers/acquisitions 
  • Provide a “single pane of glass” to access organizational data and automate workflow  
  • Improve staff performance and increase flexibility moving between projects, reducing operational risks to business critical applications and infrastructure 
  • Reduce the effort and risk associated with changing business systems 
  • Minimize infrastructure footprint requirements by providing a common platform for small independently deployable and scalable service components 
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is low because trellispark only requires minimal infrastructure to provide a highly responsive user experience

Achieve your north star faster

trellispark helps businesses succeed in a rapidly changing world

  • Accelerate your digital transformation with a platform for continuous adoption of new and emerging technologies 
  • Makes it easy to “fail and try again” with new go to market ideas by reducing the time between ideation to production deployment 
  • A secure foundation for all of your organization’s data, reducing the business risk of data breaches and ransomware 
  • Develop, grow, and differentiate your organization 
    • Aggregate your data into a single system of record that can easily extend to include machine learning / AI and other emerging technologies 
    • Focus your effort on creating functionality that differentiates your business instead of “generic software” that lacks a competitive advantage

Ramp-up fast and start delivering value

Drive rapid delivery of new business functionality with less time and costs

  • Easy to bring your internal team up to speed in days. Leverage Great Ideaz professional services as much or as little as you need. 
  • Accelerate and simplify business analysis effort by configuring new user experiences directly in trellispark with UX Creator. Provide a flexible and secure way to include Citizen Developers / FusionIT staff 
  • Easy to maintain and optimize business processes as needs change and new technologies emerge