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integrates the latest technology with a groundbreaking new architecture that will revolutionize the way you do business

Achieve your north star faster

trellispark helps businesses succeed in a rapidly changing world

  • A secure foundation for all of your organization’s data, reducing the business risk of data breaches and ransomware 
  • Accelerate your digital transformation with a framework for continuous adoption of new and emerging technologies 
  • Makes it easy to “fail and try again” with new go to market ideas by reducing the time between ideation to production deployment 
  • Develop, grow, and differentiate your organization 
    • Aggregate your data into a single system of record that can easily extend to include machine learning / AI and other emerging technologies 
    • Focus your effort on creating functionality that differentiates your business instead of “generic software” that lacks a competitive advantage

Ramp-up fast and start delivering value

Drive rapid delivery of new business functionality with less time and costs

  • Easy to bring your internal team up to speed in days without needing outsourced professional services 
  • Accelerate and simplify business analysis effort to create new user experiences 
  • Provide a flexible and secure way to use Fusion IT/Citizen Developers 
  • Reduce the need for the business to adopt “shadow IT” by providing connections to other no-code/low-code platforms 
  • Easy to maintain and optimize business processes as needs change and new technologies emerge

Streamline your custom business apps

Reduce operational costs/risks by providing a common platform and standards

  • Simplify your organizational data model and easily migrate data from: 
    • Legacy systems 
    • Systems introduced by mergers/acquisitions 
  • Provide a “single pane of glass” to access organizational data and automate workflow  
  • Improve staff performance and increase flexibility moving between projects, reducing operational risks to business critical applications and infrastructure 
  • Reduce the effort and risk associated with changing business systems 
  • Minimize infrastructure footprint requirements by providing a common platform for small independently deployable and scalable service components 
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is low because trellispark only requires minimal infrastructure to provide a highly responsive user experience

Your team, your control

trellispark gives your team tremendous flexibility and control

  • User presentation source code and database available to download and customize
  • trellispark core component packages available to download from NuGet 
  • You can create and integrate your own components building on the trellispark core 
  • Flexible deployment across cloud and on-premises


GreatIdeaz provides the framework you need to rapidly jumpstart a new project.

Ask your IT team to download and evaluate the free trellispark components on your infrastructure.

Build a pilot application using the free trellispark academy resources to validate the benefits of the approach.

Scale out the pilot to realize business value and purchase a license for the usage you need.