Great Ideaz was founded in 2010 with the belief that we can bring fantastic value to our customers through better use of technology

Rob Halasz, Co-CEO

Rob Halasz


Driving great teams to awesome results has been Rob’s focus for over 30 years, in environments that have been under constant change. Rob started his career in Civil Engineering, and quickly transitioned to the IT sector as it experienced explosive growth. Always customer-centric, he has provided leadership to teams that span the tech sector, from strategic planning to software development. Rob has led multi-million dollar programs for some of the largest organizations in Canada, and has provided advisory services to various industries, including Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, and Government. Rob leads the sales and operations of Great Ideaz with the vision that we deliver brilliant experiences to every single Great Ideaz customer. 

Tony Nicholls, Co-CEO

Tony Nicholls


Building application systems with 100% of the desired requirements with only a fraction of the cost, time, and risk. This is the problem Tony has been working to solve for more than 35 years. Starting his career in the UK military sector, he has been developing highly secure, scalable, and robust applications since 1985. He has been relentless in finding innovative ways to build new applications. This has come to a pinnacle with trellispark, which eliminates 90% of the costs and effort of application development without compromising on quality, scalability, or security. Tony leads our innovation center of excellence and development teams. His Data Agnostic Services vision has sparked a movement that shakes the traditional assumptions of software development.

Starting with just a whiteboard and markers, we have helped countless organizations solve tough business problems with technology solutions

Our passion to help our customers succeed is ingrained in everything we do