Introducing trellispark Release 7!

by | Oct 17, 2023 | Blog, News

Our latest major release of trellispark continues our relentless pursuit to cut down the time and effort to deliver custom application solutions to production. Launch your MVP in weeks, not months. Easily replace inefficient custom business apps with project effort and delivery time reduced by 10x!

trellispark empowers non-developers to configure a forms-based custom business application user experience in real-time. Over 90% of the code normally required for the user experience and CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) is replaced with configuration data using trellispark! Without knowing how to create JavaScript or other coding, configure unique user roles and security requirements, record lifecycle transitions, optimized user flows, customer and supplier portals, and much more.

By eliminating over 90% of the code, your effort and costs are substantially reduced and your time to value 🚀🚀🚀!

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Major Features

Configure Generative AI into your workflows!

Configure a textual prompt to Azure Open AI to any string or HTML field definition in trellispark.

Configure a textual prompt to Eleven Labs to generate a voice audio file (text to speech).

trellispark will call and log the response from the generative AI service for analysis and diagnostics.

Hundreds of new configuration and styling features in UX Creator!

Lots of structural improvements and display options to form definitions and field definitions layout.

Much more flexibility in configuring and styling the command bar strip and locations of commands.

More flexibility in form tab strip layout and styling.

Can configure an icon URL for Commands and Events menu selection.

Added ability to upload and configure any icon for Applications or Portals.

Implemented new field definitions that can be configured into the user experience, including a Signature field, Calendar field, and an Avatar field (to display a user profile image or icon image).

Combined and enhanced a read-only content field definition with more custom styling features and the ability to open an iFrame and execute JavaScript in a popup window.

Many improvements to how CSS themes are used including file versioning.

Hundreds of additional custom options to apply unique CSS styling to nearly every part of the trellispark user experience.

Even More Flexibility

More configuration control with UX Creator to determine what will be displayed to a user, including breadcrumbs navigation, bookmarks, previous record versions, Commands/Events/Wizards from childlists and card views, changing the displayed form name, and user profile options.

Have more control over which portal or application a user automatically opens when they enter a workspace.

Minor Features

Enhanced the configuration options and capability of the following existing user controls:

Improvements to PDF Viewer Control (popup viewer).

Upload File control enhancements, including button visibility, popup display windows for content, file size, format specific popup windows, pan/zoom for image popups, add a file version.

Added to Contact field definition the ability to mask phone numbers.

Added ability to invoke wizards directly from Childlist and Card views.

Enhanced the Card configuration for advanced formatting.

Enhanced the ability to color code and add emojis to list elements.

Changed the default setting to suppress the Export and Refresh buttons on a Childlist.

Added ability to define custom formats for Date and Period controls.

Frequency data saved in a consistent format.

Childlists and Cards can call Wizards to create new instances.

Command buttons can now have configurable display text.

Address and Contact compound field layout improved.

Bug Fixes

Suppressed display and event logging when a user tries to load breadcrumbs for instances they don’t have access.

Fixed issues with ordering instances in the breadcrumbs.

Prevented postback spam when selecting an instance from a GUID list.

Fixed table titles in select lists not populating from configuration data.

Fixed issue with clearing Learn More content.

Matched command button visibility with the generic actions dropdown.

Improved Import XML function to remove records from Instance History when an XML file is imported.

Fixed issue when creating a user that concatenates Display Name & Last Name instead of First Name & Last Name.

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