Thriving Workplace

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Workplace Values

Accepting differences, celebrating achievements, developing together

A thriving workplace requires workers to feel comfortable and confident that their performance will be appreciated. Focusing on the positive aspects and rewarding exceptional performance leads to a more relaxed and innovative workplace.

Many studies have been published showing a direct correlation between employee health and mental health, and profitability. People who are happy, relaxed, and confident are more capable than people who are stressed, tense, and angry. In practice, this means actively making sure that people are engaged and comfortable. 

One source of stress in the workplace is the presence of implicit bias. The world has spent decades influencing our perception that there are different types of people who are better at different things. When not confronted, implicit bias can make it difficult for people to connect with their peers. It is hard to work with someone who assumes that you can’t do your job based on skin colour, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. And that burden should not be on the person being impacted by the bias.

Our interview process is designed to draw out every candidate’s abilities and skills

It is very important to us to ensure that we get the most skilled and prepared person. We also welcome our team members to build new skills and talents. No one is perfect, and we can all be more well rounded if given the chance to try new things.

Workers collaborating

Effective Employee Development

Training is essential in a company like Great Ideaz, which is always seeking to push the envelope and discover new horizons.

Our technology is already vastly different from other companies on the market, which means that every new employee will need to be trained.

We have extended this idea to a praxis, and feed our goals of relentless innovation with a commitment to never-ending learning. Our team have access to resources in all kinds of technology, from networking to coding languages, from business best practices to web marketing.

Healthy Work-Life Balance

Flexible hours are designed to accommodate personal needs and life events. Quality of work is our primary measure, not how many hours a person spends at a desk.

Like many other tech companies, we support flexible working arrangements and working from home.

We value the benefits of having people together in person to foster a greater feeling of being part of a team. This does not have priority over employee safety or health.