Transformation Roadmap

Prioritize opportunities that deliver the greatest value in the shortest time


Streamline operations to derive maximum benefit from business solution changes.

Governance Framework

We can help you develop a framework to obtain consensus on how your business generates value and which opportunities will offer the best Return on Investment (ROI).

Communication Framework

We can help you create a communication framework to ensure all parts of your business are ready to take advantage of new functionality provided by your business solutions.

Apolitical Advisory Services

We can help you overcome internal politics by providing an impartial Value Chain Analysis framework for gathering information and making decisions that clearly support the needs of the business.

Creating a Roadmap

We can help you look holistically at all the opportunities that come out of the Value Chain Analysis. We can help you to assess and understand the impacts at the business, application and technology level so that you can make the right decisions on execution.


Streamline solution development activities to get to market faster.

Transforming Applications

We can help you change the way in which your IT team builds and deploys new applications. Operational IT teams tend to get locked into the technologies and approaches that they have been using for extended periods – sometimes decades! We bring insight into the latest methodologies and technologies to take your IT team to the next level.

Expertise When Needed

We can help with advisory services to train or mentor staff as needed to support an IT application transformation. We can work with your team to address specific challenges as they arise, or we can augment your team with experienced consultants.

Changing Requirements

We can show your IT team how to deal with changing business needs so they can make solid progress without elaborately detailed requirements documentation. Using the Data Agnostic Services approach can help your IT team to create production-ready functionality at minimum cost and risk so that your business users are able to experiment with alternative solution options without breaking the IT budget.


Optimise deployment and migration of technology.

Transforming Infrastructure

We can help you modernise the way you deploy your business applications across hybrid cloud platforms. Many operational teams get locked into older technology and platforms, and have major issues when dealing with large releases or upgrades. Moving from a traditional server-based infrastructure to Platform as a Service or Software as a Service can be challenging to get right.

Understanding Pricing Models

We can help you understand and evaluate the various infrastructure options for performance, reliability and pricing model. There is a large array of deployment approaches in modern hybrid cloud infrastructure. We can help you balance which services should be moved to cloud and which should remain on-premises, and which services should be deployed on IaaS servers and which should be moved to PaaS or SaaS offerings.

Great Ideaz Solutions

Strategic Consulting

Generate ideas and identify opportunities to grow the business and improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of operations

Sustainable Architecture

Create sustainable frameworks for implementing hybrid cloud business solutions

Transformation Roadmap

Evaluate options, build business cases, and estimate effort, cost, and time to perform risk analysis

TRELLIS Components

Supply pre-built components that can jumpstart projects and reduce development effort, cost and risk


Provide experienced consultants and teams that can fully leverage our Architecture and Components to deliver successful transformation


Maintain availability of production systems through monitoring, alerting and incident response