What is trellispark?

Your business is unique. To succeed, you need application systems that will support your business now, and into the future.

Building custom applications can be expensive, time consuming, and riddled with missed ROI expectations and failing to meet your business needs.

What if you could have an extremely flexible solution that meets all your unique business needs with a rapid time to market?

Trellispark is an "off the shelf" Data Agnostic Services application framework purpose-built to deliver a great business solution with minimal effort, cost, and risk.

It is a new way to rapidly build "tailor made" automated workflow business applications in real-time.

  • Eliminates 90%+ of custom software development efforts compared with traditional methods
  • Ideal path to cloud-ready solutions
  • Rapidly delivers high quality, robust, secure and sustainable business solutions
  • More complex requirements increase the Return on Investment advantage with trellispark

As your business evolves, the flexibility of your trellispark solution can be a driver for change. Our relentless innovation program ensures we constantly integrate new technology and processes to keep your solutions up to date and minimise your costs and risks.

We have experienced staff that will engage your business directly to streamline your business workflows. If you have your own developers, we can train them to assist with building the new solution using trellispark.

On our The Software Problem page, we discuss a hypothetical situation where a business is developing an insurance policy management system. Let's see how a traditional development approach compares to trellispark.

Insurance Policy Example Traditional Development Approach Traditional Cost
(assuming it costs $1 for a programmer to develop 1 line of code)
trellispark Approach trellispark Cost
Database Model 20-30 unique tables, 200 attributes/columns
150+ stored procedures
$200-300K+ Data driven model - nothing to build for database to screen
UX provided across Web, Mobile, and Desktop applications
Under $20K
Business Objects for basic screen-to-database functions 20-30 business objects with 150 functions
Website User Experience 50-60 forms
Secure Access Control and Version History 25 tables, read stored procedures $50-100K Default setting $0
Unit Testing Code $300-500K Data Driven Model - nothing to unit test $0
Additional changes to data model/UX post-production 30-50% of original cost $550-900K * 30-50% = $165-450K Only data model changes required $6-10K
Automated Workflow, build and test 5-10 functions $5-10K 5-10 functions $5-10K
Estimated Total Cost
Approximate Effort and Duration
700-1360 days
1 year duration with a team of 5
30-40 days
1 Technical BA
1 Developer
1 month duration

Considering the costs of a traditional software development approach, and the benefits of trellispark, the advantages are obvious. And trellispark has prebuilt components that can be used to further reduce costs, effort, and delivery timelines.

Furthermore, if we do not already have the functionality you need, and it is generic enough that we can add it to our code library and reuse it, we will build it for free.

What are Data Agnostic Services?

at Rest

within a persistent data storage medium


as part of an omni-channel user experience

in Action

when we perform business logic on it

in Motion

between data stores