trellispark COMPONENTS

Pre-built components that can jumpstart projects and reduce development effort, cost and risk.

Jump start application solutions with pre-built components

Trellispark includes many pre-built applications based on industry best practices that can be quickly modified to your unique requirements.

Business Data Model

Application Data Model

Technology Data Model

Prebuilt components that can be easily integrated into existing models have a much easier transition, providing business value far quicker than more complicated models or trying to add functionality into an existing system with code patches.

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Trellispark provides an entity synchronization layer that controls data validation and consistency across all your applications in the enterprise. You can build and implement it with small and easily usable components.


Using a system of prebuilt components, Great Ideaz has created a series of products that can be deployed together or separately. We can adapt these components to build any required functionality combination, and modify it to meet your business needs.

What are Data Agnostic Services?

at Rest

within a persistent data storage medium


as part of an omni-channel user experience

in Action

when we perform business logic on it

in Motion

between data stores

Part of the mindset behind component-based technology is a component layer service bus which allows the different applications and technology to communicate through one cohesive layer. This ensures cross-platform, omni-channel functionality, as all components access data stored in the single data silo.

Technology Strategy

Great Ideaz Solutions

Strategic Consulting

Generate ideas and identify opportunities to grow the business and improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of operations

Sustainable Architecture

Create sustainable frameworks for implementing hybrid cloud business solutions

Transformation Roadmap

Evaluate options, build business cases, and estimate effort, cost, and time to perform risk analysis

TRELLIS Components

Supply pre-built components that can jumpstart projects and reduce development effort, cost and risk


Provide experienced consultants and teams that can fully leverage our Architecture and Components to deliver successful transformation


Maintain availability of production systems through monitoring, alerting and incident response