Strategic Consulting

Strategic consulting focuses effort on generating business value by identifying opportunities for growing the business or streamlining operations.


Generate consensus on how the business adds value through its operations and identify what is hindering success.

Merger and Acquisition

We can help your business to overcome some of the key challenges commonly encountered during a merger or acquisition. Many businesses face issues consolidating IT operations and integrating information which can reduce the operational effectiveness of the new business.

By using our Data as a Service approach and TRELLIS framework we can show you how to fully leverage the value of your combined information assets and streamline operations across the business.


We can help you divest a business unit by segregating its information assets and systems from the core to be retained.

By using our Data as a Service approach and TRELLIS framework we can rapidly create a minimum viable business solution that contains the required information and functionality to be spun off.

IT & Cloud Strategic Transformation

We can help you to grow your business by helping to identify and remove the obstacles that are hindering your success. We also look at opportunities for using new technology and how they might affect your business operations.

By using our Value Chain Analysis approach, we can help you to rapidly gain consensus on how your business generates value and identify opportunities for improvement. Coupled with our Data as a Service and TRELLIS framework we can show you how to rapidly convert these opportunities into real business solutions.

Data as a Service (DaaS) Advisory Services

We are the thought leaders in Data as a Service (DaaS) which is the next evolution in building application solutions. DaaS removes the traditional constraints in developing sustainable applications, allowing you to create new business functionality without incurring significant costs and risks. We can provide consulting services that will educate and train your development teams as they begin to implement DaaS solutions.


Identify which business solutions are needed to efficiently and effectively support business operations and how they can be improved.

IT Assessment

We can help you to understand your information technology needs for the foreseeable future and align your business and IT strategy.

Application Assessment

We can conduct a deep technical review of your business solutions to determine future viability and identify enhancement options to better support the business.

Cloud Application Transformation

We can review your existing business application ecosystem and enterprise architecture to identify opportunities to integrate Cloud-based application solutions and micro-services architecture.

Custom Application Solutions

Using TRELLIS, our proven DaaS application framework, we can help you to implement a unique omni-channel (web, mobile, IoT, etc.) business solution. TRELLIS can help you to integrate data across the enterprise which can enable you to streamline and automate your business workflows.

WordPress Services

We can assess WordPress deployments and provide recommendations to improve the architecture, design, security, and performance. We can also provide consulting services to implement recommendations.


Determine the technology required to deploy business solutions that meet the non-function needs of the business.

Data Center Migration Services

We can help you audit your existing data centers, services and data flows to determine appropriate options for migration into a future-state hybrid cloud deployment. Understanding the current and desired future state will guide the creation of a risk-based migration roadmap into hybrid cloud. We can also help you though the migration process by providing experienced transformation consultants to address problems as they arise and fill gaps in your internal resources.

Disaster Recovery Assessment

We can help you to understand which services are critical to your business operations and identify underlying infrastructure, applications and data stores that need to be protected. This will help you to determine appropriate Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs), and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) that are essential in developing a proper Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). We can help you put together a roadmap to implement a DR recovery site and help you craft a pragmatic DRP that will minimise the cost of meeting your RPO/RTO.

Migrating to PaaS and SaaS

We can audit your existing business solutions to determine where there are opportunities to migrate existing services on to a PaaS and/or SaaS. We can also help you though the migration process by providing experienced transformation consultants to advise on changes required to architecture, applications, data flows and any other problems as they arise.


Faster Time to Market

Great Ideaz Speeds Up Your Time to Market

Having a defined strategy and set of processes that must be followed for all projects is helpful to business in several ways, most of which boil down to increasing efficiency. It allows projects to follow a certain defined pathway, and for reasonable expectations around when reports will be made and progress might be expected.

Reduce Manual Processing Merger and Acquisition

A well defined strategic position can help a business to not only optimise the selection process of which companies to merge with, but also to make the merger itself more efficient. Even if the other company does not have a well defined organizational structure, a well made strategy will provide a guideline for creating your own overview of their structure.

It will also ensure that less time is taken up with determining which roles to maintain and which can be cut, by including a defined list of what capabilities the business already has.


Business Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency is almost synonymous with the concept of a defined strategy. It would be very difficult for an organization to move efficiently towards a set of goals without an overarching strategy. Each manager will need to understand the strategic goals as they relate to that level, and how they can guide their teams to meet those goals.
Having a well articulated business strategy is vital to the smooth operations of a company. It must be understood at every level, which poses some unique challenges in communication. Business people and tech people notoriously do not speak the same languages. By including TRELLIS’ expert consultants, your strategy can be refined and explained to provide clarity at all levels.

Whether you just need one of our team members for a few hours or will
Need us to lead a full project from start to finish. We can help!


When building or designing applications, strategy is a vital component to direct focus. TRELLIS has taken a unique approach in our application strategies by transforming much of our coding requirements into data rather than software, speeding up builds and reimagining the ways data is stored.


Functionality is an Asset

Software is a liability

Kevlin Henney is a strong proponent of the idea that less is more when it comes to software, especially with regards to functionality. This is a divergence from the customary idea that more functionality will require more software. There is a certain degree of logic to that idea, but it tends to miss that most software is not currently written with efficiency in mind.

Fixes and adding functionality tends to take the shape of patches and sloppily organized lines of code. This makes maintenance and upkeep of the code more difficult, and the code more likely to have gaps and breaks. This is what is meant by software as a liability. By constantly refining our code and processes to be reused in as many places as necessary, TRELLIS is able to get advanced functionality and much faster bug fixes by using as few lines of code as possible.

Turn Software into Data

The quickest way to eliminate as many lines of code as possible is to change the way certain pieces of information are stored. If information about the layout of a page can be stored as data, then there need only be one generator reading that data to code every single page, rather than each instance needing to have the same code repeated.

Information like XSLT templates and TSQL procedures can also be saved in data, which bypasses the issue of code generation needing customization at every step in the process.

By storing software as data, the code can be centralized, made more concise, and tested more regularly. If one section of code builds every single page, then even loading the system for testing tests that code and ensures that all pages will load the same way.


The rapid development of new technologies makes strategic innovation essential to the development of business. Keeping up and being able to use the best technology available requires a degree of flexibility and adaptability that TRELLIS is designed to optimize.
Technology Strategy

Great Ideaz Solutions

Strategic Consulting

Generate ideas and identify opportunities to grow the business and improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of operations.

Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable frameworks for implementing hybrid cloud business solutions.

Transformation Roadmap

Evaluate options, build business cases, estimate effort, cost and time. Perform risk analysis.

TRELLIS Components

Pre-built components that can jumpstart projects and reduce development effort, cost and risk.


Experienced consultants and teams that can fully leverage our Architecture and Components to deliver successful transformation.


Maintain availability of production systems. Monitoring, alerting and incident response.