Mastery of implementation helps you to build and deploy adaptive services which will create and maintain a competitive advantage for your business.


Adaptive behaviours that drive business advantage.

Flexible workforce

We can help you build a flexible workforce by creating a single user experience across all your business services using a Data as a Service approach. This means that you can move people between teams as your business changes or demand fluctuates without having to re-train them on basic skills like how you sign in, access and process data.

Continuous Improvement

We can help you to build business solutions based on constantly evolving services that can be individually created, modified and removed as needs change. Using a Data as a Service approach means creating fewer and smaller loosely coupled services that can be easily changed.

Fast time to market

We can help you bring new products and services to market faster and with greater flexibility than ever before using our Data as a Service approach. Because DaaS allows you to create functionality with little code you can try out multiple options to see which best fits your business needs and swap them in and out as required for A/B market testing.

Beyond Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) to Continuous Functionality (CF)

We can help you level up to Continuous Functionality and break the constraints of traditional Agile Project Management Iterations. By enabling the creation of ever smaller services we can move to a CI/CD cycle whereby we can deliver Continuous Functionality (CF) to promote smooth evolution of business functions as they are required without having to wait for a scheduled deployment window.


How do we build adaptive business solutions faster? - Write less code and use modern DevOps to build for the full operational life-cycle, including retirement!

Code as Data

We can help you to provide a lot of basic functionality using our set of pre-built Data as a Service components. This will significantly cut down the amount of code that needs to be created, tested and maintained to support your business operations.

Changing how we test

We are changing the testing landscape as the basic database to screen code that used to require testing has been eliminated by our Data as a Service components. We can help you focus your functionality testing directly on your business users – do they have the right data fields on the right form tabs? Do the records go through the correct state transitions during their life-cycle? Does the user experience correctly reflect the state of the objects, the fields that can been seen or modified by the user? etc. Even better, when an error is found it is usually a simple data change to fix and retest – no more long code, test and deploy cycles involving your development team.

Focus on Competitive Advantage

We can significantly reduce the amount of basic database to screen code required which will allow you to focus your available development effort and budget on the code for functionality that will differentiate your business.

Smaller is better

We can also help you with the custom-built code that you will need to create by enabling you to efficiently develop and deploy very small micro services. With traditional micro service approaches you typically encapsulate a data store and multiple related functions (including data synchronisation across multiple services).

An interesting side effect of our DaaS approach is that since data is extracted into its own service you can build micro services to efficiently perform a single function. This reduction in scope makes it faster to build, test and deploy the custom functionality within the context of an Agile Project Management structure. Utilising the best of what modern DevOps and Domain Drive Design approaches have to offer – we can focus on small chunks of code that deliver very specific functionality. Our custom code is smaller, less complex and built to fulfil a well-defined requirement that can typically be created by a single developer within hours or days.

Custom Service Creation

We can also augment your existing IT team and develop new custom services for your business that meet your unique business requirements. We can produce new user experience components for: both web and native mobile applications; management dashboards and reporting. We can also develop custom workflow for Data in Action services and custom data Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) for Data in Motion.

Relentless Innovation

We also have our own relentless innovation program whereby we are continuously expanding and evolving our own component library. Any new functionality requested by our customers that is inherently generic in nature we undertake to build for free if we can add it to our component library. So, for example if you need to be able to convert HTML into PDF – that’s generic functionality that will not differentiate your solution and is an ideal candidate for our component library – we will build it for free and you get the benefit.


How do we deploy reliable business solutions? – Use standard frameworks and best practice!

Deploy fewer resources

We can help you deploy fewer resources in hybrid cloud environments by using Data as a Service to consolidate individual services into common deployment patterns. For example, because we consolidate all of our data into a Data at Rest service pattern we need to deploy fewer data storage resources.

Consume less bandwidth

We can help you to reduce the amount of network bandwidth consumed by centralising data into a single storage repository and minimising the amount of times it is transferred across the network.

Best practices

We can help you deploy secure infrastructure faster by using repeatable patterns that adopt vendor best practices including built in overlapping defense in depth. We maintain a set of deployment options and best practise templates as part of our relentless innovation program.

Great Ideaz Solutions

Strategic Consulting

Generate ideas and identify opportunities to grow the business and improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of operations.

Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable frameworks for implementing hybrid cloud business solutions.

Transformation Roadmap

Evaluate options, build business cases, estimate effort, cost and time. Perform risk analysis.

TRELLIS Components

Pre-built components that can jumpstart projects and reduce development effort, cost and risk.


Experienced consultants and teams that can fully leverage our Architecture and Components to deliver successful transformation.


Maintain availability of production systems. Monitoring, alerting and incident response.