Coping with accelerating change by adopting emerging and innovative technology.

Accelerating Rate of Change

Rapidly emerging technology is enabling disruptive business models that transform markets


  • Puts established businesses with large IT investments at a disadvantage
  • Hybrid cloud technologies reduce barriers to entry for new business
  • Introduces new models and eliminates competitive advantage

We make it easy:

  • TRELLIS makes building systems easy using extremely adaptable components
  • TRELLIS provides an agile architectural framework and advanced DevOps capabilities to reduce time to market, cost and risk
  • TRELLIS is open ended to integrate with other vendor solutions / components
  • TRELLIS already has (and growing) an extensive component library to start building solutions

Hybrid Cloud Deployments and Services

Distributed hosting options and cloud services are changing the cost/risk models for deploying IT solutions


  • Attempting a “lift and shift” all servers / VMs “as is” to cloud will achieve very little business benefit and pose significant business risk. However, a transformation to cloud can be difficult to execute. Hard to achieve the desired benefits of a transformation including:
    • Faster to deploy
    • Easier to manage
    • Reliable and scalable
    • Secure and private
  • Lack the in-house resources to execute a transformation. Most in-house IT teams are focused on existing operations.
  • Difficult and confusing to implement low operational cost solutions replacing large legacy capital cost infrastructure and monolithic applications.

We make it easy:

  • Our team is completely focused on helping organizations achieve an IT transformation
  • TRELLIS provides us with the tools and a repeatable model to achieve a successful transformation quickly
  • TRELLIS provides an agile architectural framework that leverages hybrid technologies and can adapt easily to new innovations
    • Holistic architecture that spans infrastructure, applications and business
    • Open ended to use “best in class” components
    • Provides guidance for governance

Migrating to PaaS and SaaS

Transition to PaaS and SaaS technology can significantly simplify creation of new IT solutions


  • A new world: IaaS, PaaS and SaaS are rapidly changing the face of business
  • Hard to keep up with the fast-emerging technologies that imposes a high risk to the business to try to use and integrate with your enterprise
  • Components that used to be hand built are now available off the shelf
  • Applications that used to provide competitive advantage are now commodities
  • Differentiation now comes down to how quickly and efficiently you can compose available technologies

We make it easy:

  • TRELLIS accelerates the ability for you to transform to the new world
  • TRELLIS levels the playing field enabling you to deploy new technologies within a mature architectural framework
  • The primary focus of our work around transformation has been around building tools and frameworks that solves the challenges with achieving an IT transformation

Omni-channel User Experience

A real-time single customer view that can seamlessly transition across all channels is now the expectation for business


  • Omni-channel single customer view is now an expectation
  • Real-time data synchronization between applications is now table stakes
  • Mobile applications and new form factors need us to re-visualize user experience and workflow
  • Hard to change existing apps to shift processing to the edge where the customer is more directly engaged in the process:
    • Reducing costs and errors
    • Improving customer experience
    • Generating sales opportunities

We make it easy:

  • TRELLIS helps you achieve a “single pane of glass” view for your customer experience
  • TRELLIS architectural framework centralizes data and workflow
  • TRELLIS provides a consistent omni-channel experience to web, mobile, IoT, etc. which allows a customer to transition between endpoints without fragmentation of the user experience

Federated Workflow

Overcoming application boundaries enables more efficient business processes across internal business units and third-party organizations


  • Applications and data are often siloed even within an organization
  • Communications between organizations is using antiquated methods to exchange data
    • Manual processes, data rekey
    • Data quality issues
    • Security vulnerabilities
    • Unreliable

We make it easy:

  • TRELLIS enables you to implement secure real-time communication both internally and between partners that drives supply chain efficiency:
    • Optimize automated workflow
    • Reduce reliance on manual interactions that introduce cost, risk and delays
    • Improve visibility and decision making
    • Better coordination and planning

Internet of Things

Internet of Things has opened an enormous challenge with securely exchanging data from thousands of endpoints and a tremendous opportunity to aggregate data with user interactions across the enterprise.


  • IoT introduces major endpoint security challenges
  • Explosion of more devices to manage
  • Introduces new challenges with data aggregation and analysis
  • Introduces significant business opportunities

We make it easy:

  • TRELLIS provides a framework to integrate IoT devices via common hubs
  • TRELLIS helps you manage and securely administer your entire IoT landscape
  • TRELLIS aggregates all data from endpoints for real-time communications and analysis
  • Telemetry from the devices maps back to the core application data to trigger operational workflow

Great Ideaz Solutions

Strategic Consulting

Generate ideas and identify opportunities to grow the business and improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of operations.

Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable frameworks for implementing hybrid cloud business solutions.

Transformation Roadmap

Evaluate options, build business cases, estimate effort, cost and time. Perform risk analysis.

TRELLIS Components

Pre-built components that can jumpstart projects and reduce development effort, cost and risk.


Experienced consultants and teams that can fully leverage our Architecture and Components to deliver successful transformation.


Maintain availability of production systems. Monitoring, alerting and incident response.