Becoming agile

There are a number of steps that should be followed for a successful transition to an agile framework. Four of these steps occur to become agile, and three must be repeated to help the company continue to evolve and adapt to new circumstances. If these steps are followed, agile can succeed in projects and throughout the company.


Someone in the company must be aware that the company needs a new method of project development. This can occur at a lower level, but it is better if it occurs at an upper level, so the person can influence the company to adopt the agile framework. The company should let employees know that a new process is needed and ask them to keep an eye out for new methods of operating.


Once someone knows that a new method is needed, the company needs to want to change to an agile process. The desire to change will drive the transition, so it must be strong enough to force the change through the entire company or organizational unit. For larger companies, the change will take a while and there may be some resistance, so the desire to change has to be strong enough to keep going. The company should let the employees know that they have a new and improved method of project development, and encourage them to try it.


The company needs to be able to adopt agile framework. The employees have to be able to learn new methods of doing things, and the company has to be flexible enough to try new things. The company should make sure its employees know what it is going to try and get their support to help it move forward.


The company needs to learn what agile is, and how it could use the method best. Its employees need to be educated so that they understand how the agile framework will work, and how it will help them to complete projects. The company should hold a seminar, or a series of seminars, to teach the employees about the agile framework. The information will help sceptics understand agile methods, and how they will work in the company. During these seminars, the employees should be encouraged to suggest ways to help the new transition or make agile work better in the company.


Once agile has been adopted, the employees should stay informed about the changes in the company, so that they can suggest new agile strategies. Information about how other teams are doing will encourage agile teams to keep going and try harder. Furthermore, information about what teams are doing well will help other teams solve the same problems.


The company should continue promoting agile methods after the change to agile. This will further reduce scepticism and keep the drive to become more agile going. Promoting how one section of the company adopted an agile framework will encourage the rest of the company to do the same.


The company must transfer what it learned from the agile transfer to other parts of the company. Parts of every company require paperwork and other records of progress and will have to adapt to a different way of working. While an agile framework does require paperwork, it has a different approach to it. The company must make certain that all departments know what changes are being made, and the best way to adapt to changes in methods.