The Technology Perspective

The technology perspective of a strategy considers how the technology supports the business function. When considering the technology perspective, the business should look at problems with the current functionality, and what the technology could do better.

Problems with the current functionality could include many different things, based on the business. The business should consider what problems have been reported by teams and managers. It may be useful to test the current software, to ensure everything is working. Strategies should consider functionality problems because fixing the problems will make the business proceed more efficiently.

Technological improvements will also vary by business. The business should ensure that all software is up-to-date. The business should then consider if any other programs would help it to create products more quickly and efficiently. It may help to use a survey or comment box to collect suggestions from teams, or do research into technological changes. Strategies should consider technological improvements because they may help the company to produce things more efficiently, increasing the value of the company.

Once the business has decided which improvements will be made, it should record the changes, why they were decided on, and the expected benefits. Improving the technology behind the business function will help the business become more efficient. Increased efficiency will mean that fewer resources can be spent on a project, or that more can be done with those resources. More efficient use of resources will add value to the business process, and thus, the business.