GreatIdeaz makes use of a pragmatic approach to DevOps based on Microsoft Best Practices and tooling.

Over decades, the development of TRELLIS has been focused on systematically solving problems encountered when building business solutions.

Initially, we focused on software implementation by taking an Object-Oriented approach and building component-based systems with well defined interfaces. This led us to code generation technologies based on easily configurable templates.

The limitations of code generation become apparent when you need to constantly change and customize the generated code files based on shifting business requirements. So Great Ideaz moved to the development of “Single Page Web Applications” where the managed data is held in XML within a core database, and the UX is dynamically built from Form Definitions held as data objects.

With the introduction of cross-platform tooling (Xamarin), we extended the architecture to encompass Native Mobile Applications based on our dynamic page building capability.

As Cloud services became more readily available, we moved beyond on-premises server-based solutions to encompass a true Hybrid Cloud approach, which looks at IaaS, PaaS and SaaS components across both “on-premises” and ”in-cloud” hosting infrastructure.

The evolution of our TRELLIS solutions has always been focused around creating production-ready systems within a short timeline, and we were early adopters of true Agile development process. This helped us to deal efficiently with business customers who didn’t have a clear understanding of their own requirements.

A key success factor of the Great Ideaz team has always been our ability to talk to and understand the business needs and value behind the solutions we build. The emphasis has been on building a business-led solution and then shaping an appropriate solution technology and applications around that in the most pragmatic way possible.

By using a combination of TOGAF to guide our overall approach, ITIL to guide our implementation and Agile to guide our execution, we have mastered the art of business software engineering. This enables us to use the Technology, Application and Business components of our approach as needed to deliver repeatable success whilst minimizing time, effort and risk.

Since we also support and manage our solutions for various clients, we have also taken a long-term support view of our overall solution and looked at development approaches that assist efficient operations.

As technology is constantly evolving, we are always enhancing and extending TRELLIS to remain at the cutting edge of DevOps.