Building your own Components and Services

Although TRELLIS utilises the Microsoft stack for its components, it is also designed from the ground up to integrate and play nice with other applications. This means that using TRELLIS as a primary Data as a Service framework will not restrict your ability to develop your own extensions using any technology, language, library, framework or approach that suits your team.

Great Ideaz recommends that you limit the range of technologies, languages and libraries used by your own internal team so that you don’t end up having issues with workforce flexibility. Ideally any team member should be able to work on any service. That becomes difficult if every service is written in a different language on a different framework! Micro-service architecture is good, but the emphasis is on having and enforcing an architecture that limits the choices your team can make when developing new services.

Great Ideaz also recommends the use of modern DevOps, ITSM and ITIL v3 when building out new services. Great Ideaz has outlined a range of best practices that we use ourselves and these are a good first cut if you do not yet have your own in place.