Websites may be developed using any language and deployed on any platform.

Great Ideaz preferred approach is to develop new backend websites using the MS .NET Framework in C#.NET supported by Telerik ASP.NET User Controls library.

Internal websites may use either publicly exposed Web APIs, or internal components to access data processing and/or data at rest directly.

For externally developed and hosted websites, access to functionality and data will be provided exposed URLs to Web APIs over HTTPS/TLS (SSL should be disabled). The request/response payloads produced by the Web APIs can be in either XML or JSON format.

Websites developed by the enterprise should be deployed either as IaaS on a physical/virtual web server farm in Internet Information Services (IIS) or as PaaS in Azure Web App

Websites should be load-balanced with static sessions (if session state is stored in process) and secured on HTTPS preferred protocol TLS (SSL should be disabled).

Various authentication variations are available: