Azure SQL Databases

Regular offsite backups should be taken to meet the Disaster Recovery – Recovery Point Objectives (RPO). Great Ideaz preferred schedule is a daily full backup with hourly transaction log backups into Geo-Replicated Azure Cloud Storage. Backups should be transferred into secure cloud storage at a different location.

Azure Recovery Services (SaaS)

Azure Recovery Services

A Recovery Services vault is a storage entity in Azure that houses data - typically copies of data, or configuration information for virtual machines (VMs), workloads, servers, or workstations. You can use Recovery Services vaults to hold backup data for various Azure services such as IaaS VMs (Linux or Windows) and Azure SQL databases. Recovery Services vaults support System Center DPM, Windows Server, Azure Backup Server, and more. Recovery Services vaults make it easy to organize your backup data, while minimizing management overhead.

Azure Site Recovery

Azure Site Recovery provides a low cost Disaster Recovery service where VM from a primary data center (on-premises or on cloud) is backed up into an Azure Datacenter.

During normal operations the state of the primary VMs is cached and transferred to the DR site.

Site Recovery

When the primary datacenter fails, VM are spun up from the cached data that has been transferred from the primary datacenter. This means that DR charges are only incurred when DR failover has occurred.

Site Recovery

Backup Solutions - Microsoft

Microsoft provides many options for backing up devices, databases and other data. Backups should be encrypted as they are created, and the files should be kept in encrypted storage.

Backup Files - Servers

Great Ideaz uses Azure Recovery Services, with backups performed at 4am, 12pm, and 8pm. We create a separate Azure Recovery Service for each Server, and only backup the minimum required folders.

Backup SQL Server Databases - Servers

Great Ideaz uses encrypted backups to Azure Storage, including hourly transaction log backups and daily full backups. We use the SQL Agent for scheduling backups.

Security certificates should be used for encryption of the backup and transport; the certificates need to be stored safely and imported into the target database instance where the backups will be restored.

Backup - Websites

Great Ideaz uses Azure Site Recovery.