Sustainable Architecture

Your business is continuously evolving, so should your applications and technology. Sustainable architecture helps to IT to become a driver for business success instead of an anchor to the past.


Take a business first approach but business and IT need to be able to drive each other to be truly successful.

Functionality is an asset, code is a liability

We can help you to turn functionality into data instead of code. When you eliminate the need for code you can significantly reduce time to market, cost and risk of building new business solutions. We can show you how your business users could add and extend functionality in real-time without the need for deploying new services or writing code.

Aligning Business and IT

We can show you how to close the gap between Business and IT using Data as a Service. DaaS makes it easy for your IT team to deliver functionality that your business needs in real-time by focusing their effort on the code that creates differentiation and competitive advantage. Your IT team ceases to be an anchor holding the business back and instead becomes a driver for future success.


Minimise the time, effort and risk involved in the production of high-quality business solutions.

Application Architectural Framework

We have a mature application architectural framework that supports the implementation of Data as a Service. We are continually reviewing and extending this framework as new services and technology becomes available through our relentless innovation program. We can help bring your IT team up to speed with this new technology and keep them at the cutting edge of new developments.

Component Library

We have an extensive and growing library of both data presentation models and software components that can jump start your business solutions with Data as a Service. Our pre-built components include dynamic page generation for both web and native mobile applications; integration into common messaging and notification platforms; cloud storage and other cloud services.

Micro Services and Domain Driven Design

We can also help you understand how to leverage existing Micros Service architectural patterns and Domain Driven Design (DDD) to extend a DaaS implementation with custom built Data in Action and Data in Motion components. We can show you how to best apply DDD principles to creating new micro services that avoid many of the pitfalls seen in many early micro service implementations.

Security and Privacy by design

We can show you how to use the Data as a Service framework to build secure application services where all access to data and functionality is restricted to validated users. We can show you how to apply record level access controls, track changes over time, and where necessary audit an individual’s access to records. A strong security framework built into your applications is a pre-requisite for building privacy into your solution.


Maximise the security, robustness, performance and availability of business solutions.

Infrastructure Architectural Framework

We have a mature infrastructure architectural framework that supports deployment of applications onto hybrid cloud technologies. Through our relentless innovation program, we are continually updating this framework as new services and technology becomes available. We can help you with the adoption of baseline architectural patterns and practices. We can also show you how to tailor them to meet your precise business needs and execute a successful transformation.

High Availability

We can show you how to identify and eliminate single points of failure within your existing architecture to improve the reliability of your existing applications. We can help you to troubleshoot existing deployments to identify root causes of performance issues and infrastructure instability.

Disaster Recovery

We can show you how to design and build a Disaster Recovery Site that will meet the Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) of your business. We can show you how to extend you existing data centers into hybrid cloud solutions which give you pragmatic options at reasonable price points.

Security and Privacy by design

We can show you how to use the Data as a Service framework to build secure infrastructure services. We can show you how to compartmentalise and secure your infrastructure creating overlapping defense in depth. A secure infrastructure upon which you can deploy secure applications is a pre-requisite for ensuring the privacy of your customer’s data.

Great Ideaz Solutions

Strategic Consulting

Generate ideas and identify opportunities to grow the business and improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of operations.

Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable frameworks for implementing hybrid cloud business solutions.

Transformation Roadmap

Evaluate options, build business cases, estimate effort, cost and time. Perform risk analysis.

TRELLIS Components

Pre-built components that can jumpstart projects and reduce development effort, cost and risk.


Experienced consultants and teams that can fully leverage our Architecture and Components to deliver successful transformation.


Maintain availability of production systems. Monitoring, alerting and incident response.